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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wisconsin Sushi

Ramp season only lasts 4-5 weeks, so we're savoring every single one of these garlicky-oniony bulbs and their luscious green leaves. At the Farmer's Market last weekend, Harmony Valley customers, members, and workers alike mentioned Wisconsin sushi: WI cheese curds or other WI cheese wrapped in ramp leaves. We had to try it that night. More delicious than you're imagining right now, I am sure! Try it soon! Tragically, this may be the last week of 2011 for ramps.

In the pic below, we used Dream Farm Italian spiced goat cheese. That was 100% amazing!  Later in the week, on a picnic blanket in the yard, we enjoyed the sun while tearing off ramp leaves and wrapping them around cheese curds. Also, scrumptious. And the primitiveness of the tearing and wrapping outdoors somehow added to the taste.

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