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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The New Backyard Market Member

We have a new member at the Backyard Market. Franklin, the puppy, joined our residence last Tuesday quite randomly. We've discussed adopting a big doggie for some time now, but always hesitated due to the safety and comfort of the kitty-cats and the chickens -- not to mention the commitment. Then, I saw a poster at work for boxer/ridgeback mixes. A colleague's sister had adopted a dog from the Humane Society only to later find out she was pregnant. The mama had ten rambunctious, drooling babies, so this loving owner (now to 11 dogs!) was desperate to find the little ones safe, loving homes. I couldn't resist. I knew Andy would be smitten the second he saw the puppies, and I had no question that although I've always considered myself a cat person, I could quickly become an equal opportunity pet owner.

Franklin has changed things around here! The kitties are unsure of what is up. The chickens have much stricter times for free ranging. We're hoping our little animal kingdom will find harmony as Frankie learns limits, rules, and some obedience commands. For now, his puppiness is enough to get him out of trouble and endlessly entertain us. And, I have to admit, I can't stop kissing those kissable cheeks.

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