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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February Photo Challenge at the Homestead: Week One

To beat the winter blues, we are participating in the February Instagram Photo-a-Day Challenge. Though we have no iPhone to take the phancy phone photos, we're photo-taking anyway! Some of the upcoming pictures, like telephone or heart, will be challenging to tackle with the Backyard Market theme in mind. Here's the schedule:

February 1: your view today
Rocky and I, eye-to-eye, happy for the sunny day.

February 2: words
Kids should have access to healthy, hormone-free milk at home AND at school!

February 3: hands
Chicken hands?

 February 4: a stranger

Bananas don't make their appearance at our place often, but when there are no local fruits growing, we'll occasionally buy a bunch of Fair Trade, organic bananas. Yum!

February 5: 10 AM

10 AM and picking Brussel sprouts in Wisco in February. Wow!

February 6: dinner
Said bananas made a surprise appearance for dinner on Monday night.

February 7: Button

Gardening, writing, and caring for animals is my bliss. What's yours?
  Have a blissfully wonderful week!