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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Striped Cavern Tomatoes: The Perfect Stuffers

 Ever heard of a striped cavern tomato? If you haven't had one, I advise you to add a pack of seeds to your idealized 2012 garden now! These , in fact,are  the perfect stuffing tomato. Plus, they will keep in  your fridge for up to 4 weeks after picking.

The texture and shape of a striped cavern are reminiscent of a bell pepper. The inside is nearly hollow with very few seeds, and the outside walls are sturdy. We grow 1-2 plants a year - the plants are consistent producers, so 1-2 provide/s us with plenty of grilling/stuffing opportunities. Any extra we add to our canning pile as they work well for diced tomatoes too.

Last week, we received Butler Farms Feta Cheese in Sunflower Oil in our CSA Cheese Share. Honestly, this cheese is beyond delicious. The sunflower oil adds an indescribable flavor. Usually, I simply put the tub of cheese with its oils and herbs over a salad, but this time, I combined it with freshly cut Swiss chard and stuffed spoonfuls into our striped caverns. We got the charcoal grill ready and had a glass (or two!) of chardonnay while we waited.

The result was amazing. The tomatoes' walls held the cheese so well that we used steak knives to cut into them. I can hardly wait until this harmony of flavors is available again!

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