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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Garden shots from early June

We've been planting gardens since early May. Spring was a bit odd, with lots of cold patches and rainy days. Thus, we were a bit late in getting some of our new raised beds built and planted. Once we saw a coyote heading towards our chickens (eeks!), our butts were kicked into gear, however, and we managed to capitalize on a few nice days and get most beds built and planted. Our raised beds serve as extra protection around the run, especially from diggers like coyotes.

Anyway, here are a few pretty shots from two weeks ago:

Trail of Tears Black Beans
Christmas Lima Beans
First cherry tomatoes poking through

Mother Stoddard's Beans


Rat-tailed radishes

Kale (planted early May)

Cabbage (planted early May)

Lemon Thyme (perennial)

Rocky, the rooster

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  1. Yay! You must be so proud! I agree, this Spring was funny. Things are slow to grow this season. Looks like you caught up already. Just wonderful~!