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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Eggs in Time for the Holiday Season!

On Friday, Andy found not one, but two eggs in our chicken coop! One was broken and frozen, and the other was as fresh as a daisy. Today we used the intact one to make bread.

Here's that egg:
This morning, we went out to the coop again and found another egg. Janis (the white Polish hen) is the star! We gave the chickens some attention and some treats. Zappa and Spinderella loved the playtime, but Janis was content with eating egg shells as fast as she could. 

Later this afternoon, we went shopping for Christmas dinner and spirits, and so we browsed through our blog to find our Irish Cream recipe. In last year's entry, we mentioned that we hoped it was our final year buying eggs for that recipe. Our resolution one year ago was to  have chickens laying eggs by now. Even after Marek's, our little layers didn't let us down.

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