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Friday, July 9, 2010

Naysayers Beware: Beets = Nutritional Goodness

Earlier in the week, we pulled our garden's first beets. Yesterday, we planted another row of them. Today, we juiced a few for a recovery drink after our 60-minute run. Beets are good to us.

Beets are one of those roots that many claim not to like. I (or rather we) challenge those naysayers to try new ways, other than the classic pickled beet, in order to consume this super food. These crimson roots contain loads of Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, and C. They can be juiced, roasted, broiled, put into a cake, pickled, grilled, blended to be added to a vinaigrette, or shredded and eaten raw. And all methods equal pink, magenta, or crimson pee for nearly everyone. When it happens, don't be alarmed; it's only natural! :)

Our beverage today is a spin-off of the Willy Street Co-op's Juice Bar's Beetnik. We juiced carrots, oranges, and beets.
Beets from our garden, oranges from our fruit CSA, and carrots from our veggie CSA
 Ready to be juiced
All done...
My own version of the Beetnik! So sweet, so yummy, so nutritious!


  1. I don't believe you. Beets are nasty. And I say that with all the authority of someone who has not been forced to eat beets since she was 10 years old. Thanks, but no thanks. I think I'll stick to my green monsters.

  2. You should throw one into your green monster, along with lots of fruit. You'll be surprised! Plus, don't you get a lot in your CSA box?