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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gardening Updates

Last week was an exciting week as our first blueberries and our first tomatoes were ready to be picked. We also found a mystery melon plant in the midst of our beets!

  • In the spring of 2008, we transplanted two blueberry bushes. At the time, they looked like sticks with roots. We were hesitant to plant more than two because we had heard that blueberries are difficult to take care of due to the soil pH of 4.5 needed. They are also fussy in that they need lots of water, yet a very well-drained soil. Blueberries take two years to produce fruit, so ours should be in full-producing mode (if everything goes well) by next summer. However, we were surprised to find a couple last week. Six blueberries in all this year!
  • The tomatoes are decorating the garden with splashes of orange and red now. Check out the photo from our first "harvest" of the season.

  • Our mystery melon plant remains...well, a mystery! We're not growing any melons of this sort, so the only conclusion that we can make about how it got there is that last fall, before purchasing our compost bin, we threw food scraps into the spent parts of the garden. Maybe there was a melon seed in our scraps? We did get a lot of melon from our CSA last year . . .

Anyone have any idea what type of melon this is?

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